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Website Relaunch

Goal: Website content that balanced what the museum wanted and what your audience needs, while maintaining brand standards and supporting usability.

Results : Updated boasted website increased views by 200% within a year of launch. Users reported increased usability and appeal. 

Multimodal Marketing Campaign

Goal: Announce the brand’s centennial through educational content.   

Results : Created a multimodal campaign included branded vehicle, game, and free publication. Reached every zip code in county and received press attention.  

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Goal: Launch a presence on TikTok to increase awareness of the brand. 

Results : Reached more than 12 million viewers in a year with 645K likes. Received press attention and wide word of mouth.  

Safety Communication Campaign

Goal: Helpful, clear, and brand appropriate needs to communicate updated safety procedures due to COVID-19 onsite and online. 

Results : Won the Visual Communications Silver Award in 2020 from the Ohio Museums Association.