Fostering Participation in Vines

Vine, being used through the phone, is a non-threatening way to create videos of visitors and participants.  Most people are used to being in cell phone photographs, so it doesn’t bring out the nerves that a traditional camera might.  But, even with that familiarity, including others still takes a little work.

First, talk through the video with your participants.  Visitors might be comfortable with the tool, but not necessarily with you.  So, begin by sharing about why you are making this video, and a little bit about the Vine app.

Imagine that you want to create a video biography of someone.  Ask them the questions.  Find out the answers.  Then, prototype the video.  Create one with them.  It inevitably will be cut off by the 6 sec format.  Then show your video to your participant.  Explain how you can counteract this—say suggest that they don’t speak in full sentences.

Take cues from traditional filmmaking—or rather use cues.  Tell people how you will cue them.  Be as transparent about how you are creating this video, and then do exactly what you say you will do.  So, for the biography example, you might say, alright, “So I am going to ask you those questions again, but this time, please don’t use full sentence.  I will say one-two-three and then start.”

Use the text field when posting to add content about your video.  Write what the project is and the questions you asked.  Tag the video if you want people to find it.


My vines can be found here.

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I produced these posts as notes in preparation for co-writing this paper for Museums and the Web 2014, with Alli Burness, @Alli_Burnie; Patty Edmonson, @Retrograde_D; and Chad Weinard, @caw_

Our presentation Vine feed is here.

Our workshop in April, 2014 sparked some good conversation, see the Storify.

Many of our participants made some wonderful Vines, check these out.

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