During the Project

Content Writing

The specific content needs for the project.

Methods: Interviews and Research


Tone Evaluation  

Using examples of different approaches to textual content, visitor feedback can determine preferred interpretive tone, ideal length, and content structuring.

Methods: Visitors will be asked to rate sample content, and interviews will be conducted to garner qualitative feedback on the way content is presented.

Project Length: 2 weeks


Paper Wireframe Evaluation

Observations and interviews will assess the visitor expectations of the interactive experience, informing prototype development.

Methods: Observations and follow up interviews.

Project Length: 2 weeks


Prototype Testing

Digital prototypes can be tested for usability, and to validate and collect user feedback of flow, design, and interactive features, informing the final design.

Methods: Observations and follow up interviews; collect performance data.

Project Length: 2 weeks

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