More Mobile Testing

I have continued to ruminate on mobile testing.  In thinking about the pervasiveness of mobile, getting mobile right is imperative.  But, at the same time, the testing options have major limitations.  After all, no one actually hugs a laptop while searching for the ideal episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix on their surface.  And, they probably don’t use a sled when flipping through Pandora on their iPhone.  Most testing scenarios just don’t mimic the real world.  In fact, they are very different from the real world.

It makes me more sure that there has to be someone out there who can create the ideal mobile testing software.  The big challenge with this is that fact that there are many different types of mobile.  There is iOS; both phone and table.  There are Androids and then there are the Windows tablets.  Given the diversity, one might need to create a number of different mobile testing systems.  (Apple has a vested interest in locking down their system.  They have a controlled access mechanism, i.e. with their developer program.)

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