Publications & Research

Selected Talks
Gallery One: One Year Later, Museum Computer Network, 2014

Vital Visual Interpretation: Using Interactives to Activate Student Learning, National Arts Educators Association Conference, 2014 (co-chair)

The Promise of Short Videos Apps for Museums, Museums and the Web, 2014 (chair)

Re-imagining Visitor Encounters with Objects, AAM Conference, 2014

Evaluating Technology Experiences: Gallery One & ArtLens, AAM Conference, 2014

Lessons Learned from Gallery One, IMLS Web-Wise Conference, 2014

Magnificent Masters of Museum Mysteries: Narrative Games in Museum Contexts, AAM Conference, 2013 (chair)

Selected Formal Publications
S. Rao, P. Edmonson, C. Weinard and A. Burness, Vital Visual Interpretation: the Promise of Short Videos Apps for Museums. In Museums and the Web 2014, N. Proctor & R. Cherry (eds). Silver Spring, MD: Museums and the Web. Published March 11, 2014.

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