Project Planning & Strategy


Planning & Strategy
Appreciative Inquiry & Design Thinking Strategies


Project Planning: How do you begin?

With our experience developing large-scale projects, we can equip you with the tools to navigate your project. We can:

  • help teams begin large projects with a unified vision and communication tools
  • align teams goals and build ownership
  • guide you through the creation of requests for information, proposals, and quotes

Concepting: You’ve got the ideas, so where do you go next?

We have experience distilling ideas. We can:

  • facilitate your vision through organized brainstorming and concept mapping
  • create a plan for project development and refinement
  • ask your visitors how they respond to project plans

Appreciative Inquiry & Design Thinking Strategies: How can you make the most of your organization’s ideas?

We know how to help teams share their best ideas. We can:

  • facilitate interactive planning sessions
  • align multiple stakeholder & constituent feedback
  • formulate plans that distill multiple streams of input

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