14 Dec

2017 in Museums : Year End Quiz


Welcome to the Museums 2017 in Review Quiz

This quiz looks back at the museum stories of 2017. Some themes were far too serious to include in this light-hearted quiz:

  • Many museums around the country were impacted by natural disasters, including hurricanes and fires.

  • Equity and access remained a major challenge. Articles highlighted the lack of diversity in leadership; a challenge that the Ford Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation attempted to counteract through gifts to 20 museums.

  • Many museum professionals wrote about the challenges of working in the field, citing salary as one of the major reasons for leaving the field. The topic of salaries came up in social media and in AAM's publications.

  • Alleged sexual misconduct was the reason for the head of ArtForum being dismissed. Thomas Campbell of the Metropolitan Museum stepped down, and some cited his inappropriate behavior with a staff member.

For the rest of the museum news of 2017, take the quiz.

1. The American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Art Museum Directors condemned the sale in July of artworks saying “One of the most fundamental and longstanding principles of the museum field is that a collection is held in the public trust and must not be treated as a disposable financial asset.”  The Berkshire is considering selling works by this artist for the right price:
2. Museums responded to the travel ban in many ways, including the Guggenheim's joint press release, removing or shrouding works from banned countries at the Davis Museum at Wellesley,  and rehanging works from banned countries at MoMA. The New York Historical Society responded to the ban by
This painting sold at Auction for Record-Breaking $450.3 Million was not without controversy. What was the deal?

The 87-year-old artist with the most visited exhibition in the US in 2017 will be opening her own museum in:
5. Visitors made their mark on collections in some unfortunate ways. Which of these did not happen this year?
6. Museums took down collection objects due to public outcries. Which of these did not happen?
Which is NOT a museum that opened in 2017?

Agnes Gund sold a Lichtenstein painting for $150 million for what reason?
9. This American personality penned this tweet as part of the Smithsonian's #SmithsonianCypher:

"Artifacts on wax

Platinum plaques on tracks"

This work by Ramiro Gomez was included in an exhibition highlight worker at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. The idea for the exhibition came from:

In a 2017 exhibition, we learned that Frank Lloyd Wright thought of many colors for the Guggenheim, finished 6 months after his death. Which color was not on his original list of ideas?
12. "While science informs and improves our existence, it also drives our economy," said Evalyn Gates, then director of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, summarized the participation of many museums in this major American event in 2017.
13. Museums are getting some real boosts thanks to Netflix. Which one of these, though, is not true?
14. The wildly success #DayofFacts initiative on February 17, 2017 celebrated the importance of truth and learning. The initiative trended on Twitter all day. How many tweets were generated?
15. Guards at the Louvre went on strike in March because:

“Saving Washington” at Center for Women’s History at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library have interactives that focus on the women of the Revolution, including an interactive on Male Combativeness. The ethos of the exhibition could be summarized by this quote: “We possess a Spirit that will not be conquered. If our Men are all drawn off and we should be attacked, you would find a Race of Amazons in America.” Who said this?
17. While not always fun and games, some news articles highlighted the weird and wonderful occurrences in the world of museums.  Which story did NOT happen?
18. Tech in museums made news, but which headline is false?

This rendering shows the future gems gallery at the American Museum of Natural History. The gallery will reopen in 2019 in honor of the museum's anniversary. Which sparkling anniversary are they celebrating?
20. The Brooklyn Public Library installed the World's Smallest ____ Museum.  What is the theme of this vending-machine-sized museum?

Are there any big stories we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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